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Check below for the latest updates from the Holy Land pilgrims.  Check out the Holy Land Blog to catch up on any previous post you may have missed.  See below for some reflection from a few of the pilgrims.

Pilgrim Reflections:

“Thanks to all who offered financial support or lifted us up in prayer while we were pilgrims! Many of us were students who would never have been able to afford to go, without the help of the scholarships many generous benefactors contributed towards.  Thanks be to God for your spirit of giving!  Know that your generosity has made it possible for us to have a life-changing experience and that we have returned with more love for our faith and ready share that zeal with those around us. We received the intentions that were sent in during our time in the Holy Land, and brought those prayers to the holy places we visited, leaving them before Our Lord in the very places he walked. As we continue with our daily lives back in the United States, we will never forget the graces we received in the Holy Land. We pray that our life changing experience will have an impact on everyone around us and lead those around us closer to Our Lord.”

“Part of a beautiful pilgrimage is those you embark on the journey with, and we were truly blessed with an amazing group: we had a great mix of couples, single men and women, and students. I am thankful that I was able to spend those powerful days with such an amazing group! This pilgrimage has had an impact on all of our lives and it would never have been possible if it hadn’t been for the generosity of others who supported us financially and spiritually.”

“Here it is a month later and the impact I feel from our trip is still with me and I’m sure for the rest of my life.  First of all, this was certainly a most joyful and inspiring group of people to share such an incredible pilgrimage.  I feel extremely blessed to have experienced this spiritual journey with them… The daily Masses’ were especially meaningful for me.  Not only because of the sacred sites we would celebrate Mass at but also of our group’s holiness in how we celebrated.  The music and the singing were also so beautiful. I loved it!

Thank you Fr. Rick and Joshua and all the people who helped in any way to make this such a memorable pilgrimage. Thank you to Jesus, Our Beautiful Blessed Mary, and St. John the Evangelist for bringing all of us together and for this special pilgrimage.”

“Except for Morning Prayer, Mass, and our daily Rosary, I never prayed during the pilgrimage. I was so overwhelmed by the culture, the landscape, the many languages, the crowds, not to mention the sacred sites themselves, that I could hardly think, let alone pray. All I could do was just absorb everything I saw, heard, smelled, tasted and touched. It bothered me because prayer is so central to my daily life and yet, there I was walking in His very footsteps, and…nothing. As I was reflecting on this the other day I remembered telling myself before the trip that I was going to “listen” to God. I think that’s what I experienced. For eight straight days I listened to God! And what an incredible story He had to tell! Not only through the sites we visited but the wonderful community of pilgrims that I got to know as well.”


Latest Blog Post:

Day 10- Goodbyes


We began the day early with tears in our eyes as we said our goodbyes to a few people with different departure times.

As we recap this pilgrimage, there are many people we’d like to thank for making this journey so incredible. First of all, thanks to all of the pilgrims who made the trip; in just over a week, the 43 of us became a family. We’d like to thank Fr. Rick Nagel for being our spiritual guide and rock. Thanks to Josh Schaffner for planning this amazing pilgrimage in conjunction with Tekton Ministries, Mikey P. and Lindsey S. for bringing their gifts of music to our trip and leading us in worship, and Sanna for being our wonderful tour guide. The college students on this trip would particularly like to thank the benefactors who made it financially possible for us to participate in the trip.

As we end this pilgrimage and return back to life, we’d like to remember what we learned and to implement the teachings to our lives.


On a final note, thank you for following our journey through this blog. While this blog has given you an overall picture of our trip, each and every person on this trip has had powerful and personal experiences that we hope to share with you.

Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation. –Mark 16:15

-Hana Shin



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